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Body Pump has become one of the current fitness workout for most the people who are looking for healthier life. Body pump is cardio strength exercise; it helps to get the good muscles strength with toned body. It also helps in weight loss as its helps the calories burn. It is designed to add muscles to your body without adding Bulk.
Body pumping can done by using the barbell with light weight & not like body builder do with the heavy weight. Light weight are used as more rapid exercises can be done and the idea is to exhaust the muscle in such a way that the body doesn’t look bulking but bit more toned .

There are 6 exercises in Body pump which includes squat, chest press, dead row, Clean & press, Lunge and reversal curl. As it is done by barbell & has weight it is always advisable to have training from the best trainer.
Depending on how active you are one can burn up to 500-600 calories. Over all metabolisms improves, and help you energetic throughout the day. You have better sleep & it improves the focus concentration. Body pump increases core muscle strength which protects the internal organ. You get very flexible body, Tights muscles cause entire body to be tensed & it’s not a good feeling. Hence it is very important to work out so that the tensions release from the body.

Body pump helps get your body in good shape who doesn’t want as good body. Shoulder will be well sculpted & built, Waistline will be in proportion of the body , Will not have the bulky biceps and triceps , Legs will be more stronger and leaner and most important you will have the healthier heart.