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Deep Tissue Therapy Is recommended by most of the Doctors as treatment option for those who are suffering from Muscle Injuries , Chronic pain, Stress, Breakup of the scar tissue, Blood Pressure, Etc. These Therapy works on the deepest tissue hence relax your muscles. Focus of this Therapy is mainly on the deeper Muscle tissues, Fascia (layer which protects the surrounding of the joints, muscles & the bones). This massage is given by using Palms, Elbow etc with slow & tender pressure around the muscles. Which helps reducing the stress level of the patient & boost the mood, also helps in normalized the heart rate, Blood pressure.

Sports Rehabilitation with Deep Tissue Massages Therapy

It is an effective Treatment for Injured muscles. Massage plays a very important role for any Injury, especially sport injury. Those who are athlete & associated with any sport should go for the Deep Tissue massage as it does improve the overall Mental & Physical strength.

Benefits of Deep Tissue massage

  • Reduces Chronic pain
  • Increases Mobility
  • Helps Fast Recovery from the Injury
  • Stress Release
  • Ease pain
  • Lower heat rate & blood pressure

Precaution before taking Massage

  • Intake of water as it is important for person to remain Hydrated
  • Even after massage is advisable to take water as its flushes out the Toxins from the body
  • Advisable to take deep breath during the massage.
  • Relax yourself. Do not panic with pain

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It is always advisable to seek advice from the professional Therapist before taking any treatment.