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(IFT) Interferential Therapy is an efficient remedy option employed by many physiotherapy treatment centers to alleviate pain and speed up the self-healing process, getting the body back again to a wholesome, pain free express. The high regularity signals of the IFC penetrate through your skin into deeper lying down muscle tissues.

Electrodes are put on your skin layer around the hurt body part. The Interferential Current device then transmits electro-mechanical impulses in tiny amounts through your skin layer. Underlying tissue and nerves are stimulated which commences the healing properties.  These impulses aren’t painful whatsoever. Actually, patients describe the feeling as a prickle on the skin. Frequencies made by the IFC have shown to promote endorphins, your body’s natural pain killers. This assists to make a self-healing process with no need to for medications. This form of remedy is also extremely useful in reducing pain, inflammation, treating edema, and spasms.

  • Reduces or gets rid of your pain securely.
  • Noticeable reduction in inflammation and swelling.
  • Restores lost movement and increases restricted coordination and movements.
  • Stimulates the natural human hormones which can help the body heal faster.
  • Considered by many experts as an effective form of treatment for serious pain highly.

The way the Interferential Therapy Helps

Interferential Therapy Stimulation is very helpful in the treating circulatory and muscular disorders, stiffness of bones, edema, and irritation. In the event that you suffer from health issues such as cumulative stress disorders, body pain, joint accidents, or are pre or post orthopedic surgery, interferential current remedy is an important option.
Interferential (IFT) has been around use for quite some time, and there have been numerous case research and studies reports that contain documented its versatility in treating diverse symptoms, accelerating the healing up process and rebuilding normal movements. Patients who thought we would go through interferential current remedy have fewer post-op issues in comparison to people who count only on medications for treatment. It also assists with the circulation of blood and hastens the healing up process by rousing endorphins.