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In diathermy, high-frequency electrical power is being used to heat profound muscular tissues. The warmth increases blood flow, boosting up recovery. Doctors also use diathermy in surgical procedure by sealing blood ships with electrically heated probe.

Diathermy involves heating deep buff tissues. When heat is applied to the agonizing area, cellular metabolism rates of speed up and blood stream increases. The increased metabolism and circulation accelerates muscle repair. The heat helps the tissues relax and stretch, thus alleviating tightness. Heat also reduces nerve system fiber sensitivity, increasing the patient’s pain threshold.

Diathermy is being used for the treatment of both deep and superficial structures.

  • Muscle tissue Spasm: It is reduced by pulsed shortwave diathermy. This is ideal for pain relief.
  • Inflammation: Chronic swelling is resolved therefore of the increase in blood flow, and aids the resorption of oedema exudates.
  • Disease: It enhances the number of white blood cells and antibodies to fight the infective organism, thereby permitting the control of long-term infection.
  • Delayed Healing: To market the healing of open up skin areas there is a rise in the cutaneous circulation.
  • Fibrosis: Temperature increases the extensibility of fibrous tissues like tendons, joint capsules and scarring. This effect is created by temperature increase within the therapeutic range.

Biological Effects

  • Relief of Pain.
  • Relaxes muscle Spasm.
  • Increases metabolism by 2 to 3 times
  • Encourages the peripheral circulation.
  • Encourages the early closure of wounds.