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Ultrasound Therapy

Ultrasound therapy (US) is the use of sound waves above the range of human hearing to treat injuries like muscle strains or runner’s knee. It is mostly used by physical therapists, and has been one of the Greatest Hits of musculoskeletal medicine since the 1950s. There are many flavors of therapeutic ultrasound, using different intensities and frequencies of sound, but all share the basic principle of “stimulating” or even provoking tissue with sound waves.

When audio waves touch air dissipation is triggered because of it of the waves, and so a particular ultrasound gel is located on your skin to ensure maximal contact between your treatment mind and the top of skin and to give a medium through with the sensible waves can travel. Ultrasound can be applied under water which is a medium for ultrasound waves to travel through also.

As the ultrasound waves go from the procedure head into your skin they cause the vibration of the encompassing tissues, the ones that contain collagen especially. This increased vibration brings about the production of heat within the tissue. Generally this can’t be experienced by the individual themselves. This upsurge in temperature may cause a rise in the extensibility of structures such as ligaments, tendons, scar tissue formation and fibrous joint capsules. Furthermore, warming also may help to lessen pain and muscle spasm and promote the healing up process.

We usually do not use if the individual is suffering from:

  • Cancerous or Malignant
  • Acute infections
  • Risk of hemorrhage
  • Significantly ischemic tissue
  • Recent record if venous thrombosis
  • Uncovered neural tissue
  • Suspicion of any bone fracture
  • If the individual is pregnant