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We are a ‘one stop’ physiotherapy and Sports Injury center and aim to provide a friendly service that gives you a definite medical diagnosis based on detailed specialized medical assessment. We can treat a variety of injuries and musculoskeletal conditions, from a sprained ankle to rehabilitation using techniques at the profession’s industry leading.

We are the best physiotherapy practice in Mauritius with specialist physiotherapists (as awarded by the World Confederation for Physical Therapy, WCPT). Our therapist is best in their areas of clinical expertise. We take the time to understand the cause of your disorder and don’t just treat the symptoms. We are at the forefront of research into best practice management of pain disorders. We are interested in the prevention, management and rehabilitation of your disorder.

Physio Mauritius may offer you with a variety of treatment options from the tutorial therapies. We provide ergonomic office and biomechanical advice to reduce the risk of recurrent injury.

Our purpose is the fact you leave our clinic with a good understanding of your condition, a medical treatment plan, and genuine expectations of what can be achieved from treatment. We strive to provide the best advice and remedy available to help you to manage your condition and resume a complete and active life. PhysioMU exists solely to help you make a successful recovery.
If you need more information or would like to ask something, please do not be reluctant to call, email or use the contact form about this website.